the brief

All Malaysians love ‘Aiskrim Potong’, the traditional ice lolly available in local flavours such as sweet corn, sirap bandung, and red bean – the all-time favourite!

NESTLÉ Tradisi Potong is the new brand that is out to win the hearts of fellow Malaysians all over again.

the work

Our core idea, from packaging design to retail launch communication, brought to life the delicious nostalgia of these truly Malaysian flavours. Using rustic design elements, we recreated the unique ambience of enjoying potong treats back in the good old days.

The launch campaign line – Ukir senyuman dengan sepotong kenangan – summed up this refreshing blast from the past, rolling easily off the tongue, leaving behind fond memories of a childhood treat.


Point-of-sale opened up opportunities to fully extend the packaging idea, from replica stalls to vendor side-cars.

The festive season brought out our sentimental side as we recaptured the flavours of the past in our Raya packet design.